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Helping a Senior Loved One Downsize

A large house might have made sense at one point, but you might find yourself gravitating towards a smaller space when you get older. You can help your aging family members get rid of clutter by renting a storage unit or donating old belongings. Remember to stay patient and read on for tips on helping a senior loved one downsize.

Use a Storage Unit

When it comes time to help grandma or grandpa move to a smaller house or clear up some space, a storage unit can be a valuable commodity. Your loved one will be able to visit the storage unit whenever he or she wants, and all of his or her belongings should be safe as long as you pack correctly. Do some research before you choose a storage unit for your senior loved one, and consider the location compared to your loved one’s residence.

Make a Donation Box

You and your senior loved one might come across clutter that doesn’t need to be kept in the house or put into a storage unit. Rather than throwing it out, consider whether you could give it away to someone else. Take a walk around the living space and collect anything that your loved one doesn’t need, and put it all into a bin. Then, think about where you might be able to donate what you’ve found.

Be Patient

It’s important that you remember to be patient when you’re helping your senior loved one downsize. This could be a stressful experience for your friend or family member, and the 2 of you might stumble upon mementos that you can’t decide whether to keep or get rid of. As long as you get started ahead of time, you shouldn’t have to rush yourselves through the downsizing process.

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