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Packing Fragile Items for Shipping: A How-To Guide

Are you shipping some of your belongings or having them moved into a storage unit? If so, then packing your fragile items the right way is essential for ensuring that they make it through the trip intact. Read on to learn how to pack your fragile belongings.

Gather Your Supplies

The first step in packing your fragile items the right way is to collect all the necessary packing materials. Typically, this will include packing paper, scissors, box cutters, foam wrap, foam peanuts, and bubble wrap. Also, pick up several types of tape, including masking, shipping, and duct tape, along with boxes of the proper sizes. For things like wine glasses, dishes, and mirrors, try to get boxes specifically designed for shipping these items.

Wrap Your Items

Securely packaging your fragile items is the key to preventing breakage. For items like glassware, wrap them in a layer of paper followed by bubble wrap. For mirrors, first place an “x” of masking tape across the glass to help prevent it from shattering. Then, cut 2 pieces of cardboard and place these on either side of the mirror before packaging it in foam wrap. Pay extra attention to the corners of the frame and fill in any extra space in the box with additional packing material.

Label Your Items

Before shipping your boxes, label them with words like “glass,” “mirror,” “fragile,” or all of these. Additionally, use a large, permanent market to make arrows that indicate which way the box should remain facing. In the case of picture frames and mirrors, keep in mind that they should never lay flat or have anything stacked on top of them. Label your boxes on each side and include information about what location or room they should be moved to.

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