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Tips for Sharing a Storage Unit

If you and a friend or family member choose to share a storage unit, there are certain steps and tips to utilize for a successful partnership. Sharing extra storage space is a great way to maximize a large storage unit and declutter both of your personal spaces. Let’s take a closer look at some easy tips for sharing a storage unit.

Tip #1: Choose the Unit Wisely

Before renting a storage unit—whether you are sharing it or not—it is important to research your options. Storage facilities often have multiple unit sizes that can hold storage for a small apartment or for a house. When sharing a unit, consider renting a larger unit than you and your fellow renter think you will need. This will ensure that there are no misunderstandings about how much storage each person requires and that you both have enough storage for all your items.

Tip #2: Plan Storage Carefully

To maximize the amount of storage you can use, carefully store your boxable items and furniture. Place items that you will rarely use toward the back. As you place items in the storage unit, create a narrow path that will give you access to the different areas of your storage unit. Talk over a storage plan with your fellow renter. This will ensure that everyone understands how and where items are placed so there will not be confusion in the future.

Tip #3: Share the Unit Considerately

It is important that you and your fellow renter understand and agree upon how the storage unit will be used. Be considerate to the space that you use and the items that you store. If possible, discuss expectations, and consider writing down an agreement with a list of rules and expectations you both will follow.

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