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A Look at Must-Have Moving Supplies

Are you moving or transferring some of your belongings into mini-storage? If so, then you may feel intimidated by the task. One way to help simplify the packing process is to gather the right materials. Continue reading to learn about some must-have supplies for moving into a new place or storage.


Boxes play a critical role in the packing process, and most people end up needing far more than they anticipate. Be sure to pick up plenty in various sizes, and consider getting some boxes that are specifically designed for things like wine bottles, books, picture frames, televisions, and dishware.


While it’s common practice for people to collect newspapers and ads to wrap their belongings for a move, consider using wrapping paper that is made specifically for packing. This type of paper can do a better job of protecting your belongings than newspaper, and it doesn’t pose the risk of transferring ink onto your items.


Having several types of tape on hand can make the moving and packing process far easier. Be sure to get shipping tape to close the boxes and duct tape to reinforce larger boxes or those filled with heavy items. Also, pick up masking tape to make it easier to label your packed boxes and painters tape for any painting jobs that you may need to do during the move. Buy a couple of rolls of each and consider picking up a tape gun, as well.


Before you begin the packing process, it’s important that your family establishes a labeling system that uses something like tape, stickers, or markers. Doing this will make it easier to identify which items are going in the moving truck and which are going into storage. Also, labeling your boxes by their owner or the room where they belong can make the unloading and unpacking process faster and less stressful.

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