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Questions to Ask Your Mini Storage Company

Before renting a cheap storage unit, it’s important that you ask some key questions of the manager of your mini storage facility. A secure self-storage facility should offer security guards, cameras, and alarms, and should only provide you and your designated representatives with access to your self-storage unit. Here are some questions you should ask your mini storage company before renting a storage unit.

What Security Measures Are in Place?

The manager of your mini storage facility should readily provide information on the storage facility’s security measures. This includes information about their security cameras, alarms, lighting, security procedures, and when and how people have access to storage units. The manager should also be forthcoming with statistics on whether there have ever been break-ins at the storage facility, and, if so, how they have improved security measures as a result.

Do You Offer Climate-Controlled Storage Units?

Another key element of safe storage is a climate-controlled mini storage unit. Certain items that you may extra storage space for can be damaged by poorly regulated temperatures. Moisture and humidity can crack or warp wood or potentially cause mold or mildew growth. A climate-controlled mini storage unit may also prevent bug and rodent infestations. Without access to self-storage that is climate-controlled, you may end up spending more on repairs or replacements for your belongings than you did on your cheap storage unit.

What Are Your Insurance Options?

Your self-storage facility should have insurance coverage that protects your items from damage or theft. Your homeowner’s insurance may also include coverage for items that are stored in a self-storage unit. Additionally, you can purchase additional insurance coverage to guarantee that your valuables have safe storage.

To learn more about your options for secure self-storage in Manhattan, come see us at Chelsea Mini Storage, America’s largest self-storage facility. We have comprehensive security measures in place, including alarms, motion detectors, surveillance cameras, and security guards. Call us today at 212-564-7735 to rent a storage unit near you.

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