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Who Should Have the Keys to Your Storage Unit?

When it comes to keeping your self-storage secure, limiting the number of people who have access to it is essential. For this reason, it’s important to consider which individuals should have a key to your storage unit.

If you are renting a storage unit for your business, then you should only give keys to those employees who require access in order to perform their duties. You should limit this number as much as possible to help prevent problems like lost, misplaced, or stolen merchandise. Also, instruct your employees to store their keys safely, and not to label them with the storage facility’s address or the storage unit’s number.

Making sure that your storage unit keys stay in the right hands is just one way to help keep your belongings secure. At Chelsea Mini-Storage, we offer a range of unit sizes and safe storage in Manhattan. To find out about our location’s security features, give us a call at (212) 564-7735.