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Key Features to Consider When Choosing a Quality Moving Truck

When you need to move your home, office, or collectibles to a Manhattan storage facility, you have to be prepared—especially if you’re planning to rent a moving truck. Here are some key things you should know to help make choosing a quality moving truck a breeze.

Volume of Belongings extra storage Manhattan

Before you can make the right decision on which kind of moving truck to rent, you have to make an inventory of everything that’s going to be moved—including boxes, furniture, appliances, and electronics. The amount of stuff you have to move and the size of your storage unit should determine the size of truck you’ll need. Check out your moving company’s truck-sizing guidelines to help you choose the right vehicle. Otherwise, consult with your local moving and storage experts in NYC for additional guidance.

Truck Size

One of the most critical aspects to think about when choosing a moving truck is size. Renting a moving truck that’s too small or too big can create unnecessary problems. Usually, the easiest way to choose a moving truck with the right capacity is to count the number of rooms you’re moving. For instance, a 20-foot truck can carry four to five average-sized rooms full of stuff, while a truck that’s 26 feet can hold six to eight rooms full. Another method is to use a truck’s square footage to determine capacity.

Sensitive Belongings

Not all moving trucks are equipped to move items that require special care, such as priceless artwork, hazardous chemicals, or bio-hazardous materials. You should consider hiring professionals who are trained and certified to move these items safely.

Hiring skilled help is key when moving belongings in or out of a mini-storage facility. Chelsea Mini Storage is one of the best storage facilities near Manhattan. We offer secure storage units, as well as excellent moving services in NYC. Call us today at (212) 564-7735 for more information.

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