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What to Keep and What to Store When You're Moving

If you are moving home, one of the first things you will need to do is decide what to take with you, what to donate or discard, and what to keep in storage. In order to make optimum use of your secure self-storage, you should first select which items you wish to place in the storage unit. There are a few simple guidelines you can follow to help you make that decision.

Is the item in regular use? extra storage Manhattan

If you have not used a particular item for more than five months, you may not need to take it with you to your new apartment or house. However much sentimental value an item may have, if you are not actually using it, it may be time to discard or store it. Place all such items into a pile to be stored, donated, or discarded. Try sleeping on it and making the decision the following morning, if you are uncertain about it.

Is the item multipurpose?
If space is limited in your new home, you should consider donating, discarding, or storing some of your single-use belongings. You may not need a specialized piece of kitchen equipment which serves only one purpose: for example, a kettle for boiling water. Items which do double duty can help you to save on precious space.

How much do I value the item?

You should retain items which you are especially fond of. If you have always disliked a particular object or item of household furnishing, this might be a good time to replace it. Likewise, you may have paid a lot of money to purchase a particular item in the past, but that item may simply be gathering dust if you no longer use or enjoy it. Consider donating or selling it instead of keeping it in a storage facility or bringing it to your new home.

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