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Selecting the Right Moving Boxes

Often, when people are moving or packing their storage units, they may not realize there are several different types of moving boxes available. From specialized boxes, like those with a hanger rod for clothing to extra-large boxes for specialty items, you should research and select the right moving boxes to protect your items in the best way possible. Mini Storage Manhattan

  • Small boxes should hold books, tools, or small kitchen items.
  • Medium boxes should hold bigger kitchen items, electronics, and toys.
  • Large and extra-large boxes can hold linens and oversized belongings.
  • Kitchen boxes have extra thickness to protect dishes and fragile items.
  • Wardrobe boxes have a steel bar installed in them. This will keep your hanging clothes protected during the move.
  • Mirror boxes will protect mirrors, glass table tops and picture frames.
  • File boxes are specifically made to easily load and unload files from your office.

Don’t let your items become damaged in storage or while moving. Call Chelsea Mini-Storage to inquire about our moving services, storage units, and storage facilities near Manhattan. We want your belongings to reach their destination safely, so call us right away at (212) 564-7735.

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