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Be Sure to Steer Clear of These Moving Mistakes!

There are many dos and don’ts in the moving process, and making common mistakes can add lots of stress when you are transitioning to a new space. With the help of moving and storage companies in NYC, you can steer clear of these frequent moving mistakes.

Not Planning Ahead extra storage space Manhattan

There are certain times of the year—typically summer and spring—when moving companies are booked solid. Don’t let yourself become trapped with a subpar mover, or no movers at all, because you forgot to book early. Once you know when and where you will be moving, start calling movers to book their services.

Forgetting to Check Your Inventory

You should have your personal inventory list to keep track of all items in storage and on the moving truck. Do not forget to check it after your items have been moved to the new house. This is important to be sure all of your personal belongings and valuables made the move safely. Keep an eye on the list as boxes and furniture are being loaded, and check the entire list as items are being unloaded.

Not Cleaning Before Packing

Do not make moving harder on yourself by packing unneeded or broken items. Take a dedicated day or weekend to go through your home and clear out old items. This might include old clothes—if you haven’t worn something in over a year, donate it—broken appliances and toys, and outdated files. Unless you absolutely must keep something, like tax information, then donate it or throw it out before moving day.

Failing to Get a Moving Estimate

Make sure your estimate includes all costs you can anticipate, as well as those you can’t. This might include fuel surcharges, heavy items, and extra mileage. If possible, ask for a nonbinding estimate. This will give you an estimate based on the size of your home and moving location, and you can only be charged 10% above the price. This will save you unexpected costs in the end.

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