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What to Do Before You Move

When planning a move, there is no shortage of tasks to be completed. Start by getting organized and making a checklist. Once the major items are ticked off—ending your lease, selling your home, signing a new lease, buying a new home—it is time to start preparing for the actual move. If you are moving within the same city, renting a storage unit is a great way to minimize the burden of moving everything at once as well as having additional storage space. When moving, there are some important things to make sure you have covered.

Find a Moving Company extra storage space Manhattan

Even for smaller moves, hiring a moving company can take the stress out of transporting all of your belongings from one location to another. No matter how far the move, leaving it to the professionals ensures your move is handled with care. Find a company you can trust. A good moving company should be upfront and able to answer all of your questions about your moving needs.

Pack Boxes

If you want to stay organized during and after your move, you should pack all of your belongings in clearly marked boxes. This will help in packing up your old home, as well as unpacking in your new home. It can also help determine what should be moved into storage.

Find a Storage Unit

You should find a storage unit near your new home. A storage unit is a great way to increase your storing capacity. Items that you do not use year round, such as winter clothing, holiday decorations, or materials for hobbies are just some of the examples of what can go into storage. If you move items into a storage unit when you are already packed and moving, it can save you from additional packing and moving. By doing it all at once, you can save time and money.

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