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Understanding How Self Storage Works

Whether you’re looking into NYC storage or Manhattan storage as you arrange your moving services, or if you have a small apartment and just need some extra storage space, you’ll want to find a secure self-storage unit near you. Your NYC storage unit should provide both extra storage space and safe storage for your valuables. Here is a look at how self-storage works in NYC.

Reasons for Using Self-Storage Units

Many people in NYC realize they need access to self-storage to supplement the storage facility in their apartment. Cheap storage in NYC is also an incredibly valuable moving service, as you can rent a safe storage unit to protect your belongings until they can be moved into your new place. Additionally, many students rely on mini storage units for extra storage space while living in college dorms or with roommates.

Determining How Much Extra Storage You Need

Before you rent a storage unit near you, you’ll need to determine how much extra storage you’ll need. Most mini storage facilities offer varying storage unit sizes. Determine exactly which items you will be storing, and measure furniture and storage boxes carefully. Use the measurements to estimate the appropriate size for your self-storage unit.

Finding a Storage Unit Near You

It’s important to rent a secure self-storage unit to ensure that your valuables are protected. When looking for a storage unit near you, ask the manager of the storage facility for information about their security system and insurance policy. Find out when you can access your storage rental, and make sure that no one else can access your storage unit without permission. If you are investigating moving and storage options, you may want to purchase additional insurance.

Before you commit to mini storage in Manhattan, come see us at Chelsea Mini Storage, America’s largest self-storage facility. We offer affordable, secure self-storage, and our online storage calculator can help you determine exactly how much extra storage space you need. To learn more about our moving and storage options in Manhattan and Chelsea, call us today at 212-564-7735.

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