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3 Signs You Need a Storage Unit

The people and culture of NYC alone are worth all the sacrifices it takes to live in Manhattan, including cramming yourself in a small studio or apartment home. Unfortunately, most of the living spaces in Manhattan don’t offer much in terms of available storage. The good news is extra storage is readily available and easily accessible at Chelsea Mini Storage. But how do you know if you really need to rent a storage unit? Here are a few signs:

You Have Trouble Finding What You Need extra storage Manhattan

It’s one thing if you have a messy apartment, but if you’re having to unpack boxes, flip over furniture, and move mounds of clothes to find the things you need on a daily basis, you might benefit by renting a storage unit. With self-storage, you’re able to relocate non-essential items that are taking up space in your apartment so you can get organized.

You’re Debating Getting Rid of Belongings You Love

Before you sell that antique couch you love or donate all the shelves of books in your apartment, look into getting a storage unit instead. Extra storage space allows you to keep the items and belongings you love but might not have a use for (or room for) at the moment.

You’re Embarrassed to Have Guests Over

You shouldn’t hesitate when friends or family ask to come over because you’re embarrassed about all the stuff in your apartment. If you want to clear up some space and have that clean, stylish NYC apartment you’ve always wanted, rent a storage unit in Manhattan and start moving out the things you don’t absolutely need.

Chelsea Mini Storage offers a large selection of affordable self-storage units in Manhattan. We also offer moving and packing supplies to help you prepare your belongings for storage. Visit our website to browse our storage unit sizes and prices, or call us at (212) 564-7735 to reserve a storage unit today. You can also visit us at 626 W. 28 th Street to tour our storage facility and see our storage units in person.

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