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Getting Your Sofa Ready for Self Storage

SofaIf you’re moving into a new apartment in NYC, that big comfy sectional you love might not be making the trip with you—but that doesn’t mean you have to get rid of it. Just because a couch won’t fit your space now doesn’t mean you won’t have room for it in the future. By keeping your couch in a self-storage unit in Manhattan , you can free up space in your home or apartment and keep your prized piece of furniture safe until you need it. Here are some tips for getting your sofa read for long-term storage in NYC.

Clean the Sofa
Start by giving your sofa a deep cleaning. If you have an upholstered couch, go over the fabric with a vacuum cleaner hose or portable steam cleaner. You want to remove as much dirt and dust from the sofa as possible so it comes out looking and smelling like new.

Remove Detachable Legs
If your sofa has detachable legs, flip the couch on its back and remove the legs from the bottom of the couch. Give the legs a thorough cleaning and place them inside a large resealable bag or small moving box. Taking the legs off will also help you maneuver the sofa out of your old apartment and into your new storage unit.

Wrap Couch and Pillows
The last step is to place cushions and throw pillows in bags or wrap them individually with newspaper and plastic wrap. Place your sofa in a plastic sofa bag (available from your self-storage facility) to keep your couch looking, smelling, and feeling like new while in storage.

If you need extra space in NYC, Chelsea Mini Storage can help. We are one of the largest self-storage facilities in the nation and offer the lowest prices on storage units in Manhattan. Visit our website to learn more about our cheap storage units or call us at (888) 549-9101 to reserve a unit today!

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