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A Guide to Placing Wooden Furniture in Storage

One of the best things to keep at a storage facility is your oversized furniture. If big dressers or tables are crowding your home, it could be time to rent a mini storage unit in Manhattan. Before storing any wooden furniture, it’s important to know what precautions to take to ensure the longevity of the piece. Read on to learn how to protect your wooden furniture while it is in storage.

Prepare Your Wood Furniture
The best way to ensure the safety of your wood furniture in storage is to prepare it beforehand. Disassemble your wooden furniture before moving it to storage to prevent any cracking or damage. For example, remove table legs to prevent breaking and store the screws in a plastic bag nearby so as not to lose them. Another way to protect your wood furniture is to give it a fresh wax. This will lock in the appropriate amount of moisture to keep it from drying out, and will also keep outside moisture from harming the wood.

Add Protection to the Unit
If the storage unit you choose does not offer climate control within its units, you will need to take steps to prevent damage to your items. Wood can be especially sensitive to excess moisture, so it is important to be proactive. Lay a plastic sheet on the floor of the storage unit to moisture-proof it and keep furniture safe. See if you can identify any drafts coming through the door or walls and cover them with a sheet. It can also be a good idea to clean and dust your unit before moving in furniture and other items.

Cover or Wrap Your Furniture
To further protect your wooden furniture from dust, moisture damage, mildew, and wood-burrowing insects, cover the pieces with a blanket or a sheet. Blankets will protect your furniture from damage during the move, as well. You can also opt for stronger protection by wrapping your furniture in plastic sheets. Use tape to secure the sheets, but make sure the tape does not stick to the furniture.

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