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Which Storage Unit Is Right for You?

Which Unit Size?Because of high rents, small apartments, and limited availability, many people rent extra storage space in Manhattan . Whether you’ll be storing a collection of antique furniture, skis and sports equipment, or even larger items, you’ll want a secure self-storage facility that allows you easy access while keeping your belongings safe. To decide what size unit is right for you, use the guidelines below.

I m Just Storing a Few Items
Many people rent storage units just so they have a place to put a few items that won’t quite fit in their apartments. You might consider doing this if, for example, you are downsizing from a one-bedroom to a studio and don’t want to get rid of anything. One of the smaller mini storage unit sizes between 72 and 128 cubic feet will probably meet your needs.

I m Putting Some Furniture in Storage
If you are planning on storing several items of furniture, you will need to look at the medium sized storage units, in sizes ranging from 200 to about 320 cubic feet. Take a look at the actual self-storage unit before you rent and remember, you don’t want to stack too many pieces of furniture on top of one another. If you’re in doubt, rent a unit with more floor space so you can comfortably get your furniture in.

I' m Going to Store Everything in My Home
When you go to another city or another country for an extended period of time, but plan on returning to New York, you may want to store the entire contents of your home. For size reference, a one-bedroom apartment can fit into a storage unit of about 500 cubic feet. For a two-bedroom home, you’ll need to at least double that and rent a unit of 1,000 cubic feet.

At Chelsea Mini Storage, we rent units ranging from 72 cubic feet all the way up to nearly 8,000 cubic feet. Whether you are simply storing a few boxes or an entire home and a car, our storage facility has the space you need. To inquire about available units and prices, contact us today at (866) 755-9101.

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