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Signs You Need More Storage Space

Are you considering the idea of getting extra storage near Manhattan, but wondering if more storage is really what you need? Extra storage can make all the difference in taking your home or office from cluttered to organized, and the space can come in handy for many different reasons. If you’re on the fence about storage rental, here are some signs that it could work for you.

Your Closet Is Overflowing
If your closet is bursting at the seams, the first solution may be to get rid of what you’re not using and don’t need, but you may find that none of your belongings actually fall into that category. Maybe it’s your wedding dress, cap and gown, childhood scrapbooks, or other sentimental items that you can’t simply haul off to a thrift store, or maybe you just have a supersized wardrobe that needs to be swapped out seasonally. Whatever the case, you can clear out space in your closet while still keeping the items you want by using a storage unit.

You Can’t Use Your Garage
The primary intended use of garages is storing cars, but for many people, the cars stay outside while the garage becomes a makeshift storage facility. Use your garage for its intended purpose and move your excess belongings to a storage unit. With self-storage, you’ll be able to keep your belongings more organized and won’t have to sacrifice any of your home’s functionality.

You Have Seasonal Items
Seasonal decorating might keep your home looking festive all year long, but all of those decorations can take up considerable space. Instead of taking up closet space or using the guest room for storage, put your seasonal decorations in a storage facility, where you can keep them organized and easy to access.

Chelsea Mini Storage makes self-storage easy with a variety of unit sizes to meet all needs and budgets. What kind of storage is right for you? Call us at (866) 755-9101 for more information on our units and pricing.

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