Chelsea Mini-Storage can solve your storage problems with the largest variety of modern steel constructed rooms. Many sizes available now.
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Peace of Mind with Chelsea Mini Storage

One of the most important aspects to consider when choosing a self-storage company is the security of the grounds and the individual units. At Chelsea Mini Storage, a storage facility near Manhattan, the security features are second to none in NYC. The entire facility is protected by an electronic security alarm system with closed circuit surveillance, motion detectors, sound sensors, and perimeter radars. Our storage facility is also highly staffed with elevator guards, hallway guards, and on-site managers. Everyone who enters our facility must sign in and sign out at the controlled entryway. Whether you're storing old furniture, personal mementos, or a collection of rare antiques or magazines, they'll all be protected in our storage units.

For safe, secure self-storage in Manhattan, look no further than Chelsea Mini Storage. We have plenty of units to fit everything. To learn more about our storage facilities or our package sending and moving services, visit us online or call (866) 755-9101.


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