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Downsizing Your Home

Extra square footage doesn’t come cheaply in New York City, so for many people here, it is more affordable to rent mini storage in Manhattan than to upgrade to a larger apartment. Downsizing is a great way to create more space without paying exorbitant rents. Watch this video for tips on packing and downsizing your apartment.

To downsize, you don’t necessarily need to completely get rid of possessions. While this is certainly a great way to eliminate clutter, many people own a number of items that they don’t use every day but still need to keep. Rent a secure self-storage unit, which is cheaper than a larger apartment, and you can keep your most valued possessions without living in a crowded, cluttered space.

Chelsea Mini Storage offers affordable self-storage in NYC. Call us at (866) 755-9101 to inquire about sizes and pricing of storage units today.

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