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Tips for Packing Your Storage Boxes

Packing boxes to move to your mini storage in Manhattan can be a hassle. However, packing, moving, and storing boxes doesn’t have to be as difficult as some would imagine. There are various things you can keep in mind while packing boxes to make the move easier. Read the following tips and tricks to make the packing and storage process a breeze.

Remember that Weight Matters
Big boxes with heavy items, like books, often make moving a lot harder. Lifting heavy boxes not only poses a risk of possible injury, but also increases the risk of the box breaking. To make the job easier for yourself or your movers, pack heavier items into small boxes and lightweight items into the big boxes. Indicate on the outside of the box if it is heavy to warn anyone who picks it up. No matter what is in a box or how much it weighs, be sure to tape it well.

Take Care of Breakables
If you are packing breakables, such as dishes or glasses, it is a good idea to wrap each piece with packing paper. Next, bundle a few pieces together with more paper. It is advised to pack dishes upright on their sides, rather than flat, and remember that you can never use too much padding. Indicate fragile items to movers, and be aware of any special treatment that a belonging might require.

Pack Boxes By Room
With unlabeled boxes scattered everywhere, it can be impossible to tell what is inside or where a box belongs. To avoid this and make packing quicker, simply pack your boxes room by room before moving them to your storage facility. Keep like items together and think about how you would later unpack the boxes. Then, write the name of the specific room on the outside of the box to keep track of it in the future. Consider also writing a description of the contents so you know what you have packed.

At Chelsea Mini Storage, we offer high-quality, safe self-storage units to accommodate your moving needs. With moving services and storage unit locations all over the NYC area, we are here to help you. If you have questions about our services, please feel free to call us at (888) 549-4090.

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