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Essential Supplies for Moving Day

Hiring moving services in Manhattan is the first step in a smooth and stress-free move. Getting the right moving supplies is another. Without the right supplies, you won't be able to pack effectively, and your entire day will be slowed down. Here's a look at what you need, whether you're moving your belongings to a self-storage unit or a new house.

Start by having the right amount of sturdy boxes. Instead of using old boxes from the grocery store, which can be weak and damaged, invest in boxes from your moving company or storage company. Gather old newspaper for wrapping fragile belongings and large garbage bags for packing bedding and other last-minute items. You will also need packing tape, stretch wrap to protect mirrors and artwork, and a binder to keep all of your moving notes and documents organized.

At Chelsea Mini Storage, you'll find all of the supplies you need for your move, plus all of the extra storage space you need as you transition to a new home. Find out how our storage facility can help you by visiting our website or calling (866) 755-9101.

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