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Ensuring the Safety of Your Storage Unit

Personal items in a storage unit are oftentimes very important to the owner. Even if these items are not able to fit in one’s home, they are treasured nonetheless. If these items get stolen from the storage unit, it can be both frustrating and heartbreaking for the owner. Storage units near Manhattan are a great way to place all of the items that do not fit into your New York City apartment, but it is also important to ensure the safety of your stored belongings. Read on to learn how to ensure the safety of your unit.

Ensuring the Safety of Your Storage Unit in ManhattanChoose a Safe Storage Facility
The first step you can make to ensure your item’s safety is choosing the right storage facility. If it is available to you, visiting the facility is your best option. Be sure to do your research about each facility and ask any questions you may have about their security measures. While on site or over the phone, one should ask how well-lit the area is at night and during the day, as this can help hamper the possibility of a break-in. Also, be sure to see if your facility has an alarm system and a relationship with the local police station.

Arrange Your Items Safely
The way you arrange your items in the storage unit can help to protect your most important and cherished items. If you have high-value treasures stored in your unit, be sure to place them in the very back. When you place these items in the back, a thief will not be able to grab them quickly and get away.

If you are looking for a secure storage facility in Manhattan, call Chelsea Mini Storage at (888) 549-4090. We are happy to answer any safety questions to help you feel more comfortable about storing your items with us. We look forward to safely storing your belongings at our secure facility.

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