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Packing Tips for Self-Storage

Packing BoxesRenting self-storage in Manhattan can help free up space in your home, or even save you money by allowing you to rent a smaller apartment. In order to ensure that your belongings get to the storage unit safely and stay secure while they are there, make sure to pack everything properly. There are special ways to store and pack furniture and other belongings, so follow the tips below for packing your items.

Invest in Sturdy Supplies
It can be tempting to try and reuse old boxes, borrow boxes from your friends, or simply scavenge boxes from locations around Manhattan when you are putting your items into storage. However, you should invest in new, sturdy boxes and high-quality packing tape. If you are taking the time to pack up your items and spending the money to store them, they are clearly important to you—don’t cut corners on packing supplies.

When in Doubt, Go Lighter
You might want to try and fit as many things as you can into every box in order to maximize space and minimize the number of boxes you need to use. However, if you are planning on moving heavy items like books or records into your storage unit, you should buy a larger number of smaller boxes. You will have more individual items to move, but it will be easier to move and arrange them all.

Label Scrupulously
One of the advantages of secure self-storage rentals is ease of access. Your items will be out of your way, but easily accessible when you need them. To fully take advantage of this convenience, label all of your boxes carefully and consider keeping a spreadsheet that details what items are in which boxes. This will save you time, since you won’t have to root around in the storage unit to find what you’re looking for every time you visit.

Whether you are moving to a smaller apartment or simply making space in your current one, Chelsea Mini Storage has a unit that’s the perfect size for your needs. For information on current rates and availability, call us at (866) 755-9101.

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