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A Look at Some Amazing Items Found in Storage Units

When you get the keys to your storage unit, you get to decide what to put inside. Whether you are planning to store something normal or something outlandish, the storage facility will keep your belongings safe. Keep reading to learn about some of the most interesting items found inside of units:

Michael Jackson's Star on Walk of Fame

Unreleased Michael Jackson Songs
Even the King of Pop has ties to storage centers. If fact, his father Joe Jackson used a storage unit to keep more than 250 unreleased songs by the singer safe. This selection of music never belonged to a recording company, which meant they were previously unreleased. The contents of this musical storage unit were supposedly worth millions.

Cold, Hard, Cash
Some people use their storage units as their own personal banks. One San Jose man who purchased a unit during an auction opened it up to find more than $500,000 of rare coins and ingots. The person who bought the unit only paid $1,100 for it but made out with a small fortune.

Used Space Equipment
One storage center located near Cape Canaveral in Florida was unknowingly housing a NASA rocket and the countdown clock. Once the space program was discontinued, someone rented a unit to store these items and a lucky person won it in an auction.

Aretha Franklin’s Wardrobe
The Queen of Soul put some of her infamous wardrobe into a Michigan storage unit after a fire at her house. When she stopped paying for the unit, the facility auctioned it off and a lucky bidder was soon the proud owner of Ms. Franklin’s clothing.

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