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How to De-clutter Your Home Before a Move

Purging belongings that you never use is an important step to complete before you start packing for a move. When you take the time to de-clutter, you save yourself the energy of packing a lot of items that you will only throw away at a later date. Use the following tips to sort through your belongings and decide what you do not need before you start to pack:

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Make Separate Piles
Create three distinct piles while you go through your belongings to make it easier to separate the items and decide what you really want. Reserve one pile for items that you definitely want to take with you. Make another one for items that you have not used in a long time and feel like you can live without. Place the items about which you are unsure in the third pile.

Purge Some More
Once you have donated the items that you definitely do not want to bring to the new home, you can tackle the “unsure” pile. Take the time to really examine each item and determine if it is something that you will actually need and will actually use. If not, you can donate it.

Take Advantage of Self-Storage
After you have made your final purge, you might still have some belongings that you know you will need in the future. If you want to clear some space to make it easier to pack, you can get a storage unit for these items. The storage center has units of all sizes to give you a safe and secure place in which to store your belongings. This gives you the ability to clear out your home before your move without having to throw away items that you will actually use again.

Chelsea Mini Storage gives you the storage units you need to find a place for all of your belongings. Whether you are moving or just want to open up more space in your home, we can help. To learn more about our storage services, visit us online or call (888) 549-4090.