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Tips for Couples Merging Households

Depending on how long you and your partner have lived apart, you may each have a lot of stuff under your respective roofs. While moving in together is an exciting time in any budding relationship, it can also potentially be the cause of some heated arguments and hurt feelings. Fortunately, there are some helpful tips that can ease the stress of merging households, especially if you use a storage facility during the move. Read on for pointers that can help you and your significant other make a smooth transition.

Happy couple take decisions

Take Measurements and Photos
Having measurements and images to refer to while you’re planning a move can be invaluable to all parties involved. Measurements and photos can also help you avoid the headaches and arguments of bringing furniture in that won’t fit through the door or swallows up an entire room.

Get Ride of Duplicates
When planning to merge households, couples should take a thorough inventory of all items they own. It can be tempting to keep duplicates, especially if they are both of high quality. However, duplicate items can quickly take up valuable cupboard and closet space. Either sell duplicate items online or pack them away in storage as a replacement should the other break or fail.

Be Respectful
Family heirlooms and sentimental pieces can have a lot of emotion attached to them. If a piece of furniture or artwork is not your style or doesn’t match your décor, be polite and respectful when telling your partner. You can also suggest reupholstering old sofas or putting a new frame on an old piece of artwork to freshen it up and help it fit in with your home’s décor.

There is bound to be extra stuff for couples who are merging households, especially in NYC. Fortunately, Chelsea Mini-Storage offers a wide variety of self-storage units that can help couples store away items like extra mattresses, sofas, artwork, and more. Visit our website to learn more about our storage facility, or call us at (888) 549-4090 to hear about our rates and current promotions.