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Strategies for Managing a Move with Young Children

You’ve hired the movers, set a date, and rented a mini-storage unit. Next up on your to-do list: pack up all of your belongings and get ready for the move. Packing and relocating is hard enough, but it is considerably more challenging if you have young children. How will your children cope as you box up their toys? How do you keep them safe with all of the commotion going on inside your home? There is a lot to worry about when moving with young children, but these tips should help make things easier for you and your little ones.


Give Yourself Extra Time
There are a lot of things you will have to wait to pack until the day of the move, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t give yourself ample time to prepare for the move itself. Pack away non-essential items like fine china, books, and off-season clothing as soon as you can to give yourself extra time (and extra energy) to manage your young children on the day of the move.

Keep Dangerous Materials Out of Reach
A house full of boxes and moving supplies can be distracting, but make sure you keep an eye out of potential perils. Don’t stack boxes taller than your youngest child, keep bubble wrap off the floor, and make sure boxes filled with dangerous items like kitchen knives and cleaning supplies are taped, sealed, and kept away from your children.

Save Your Child’s Stuff for Last
Packing can be stressful on your child. To help reduce the stress and the amount of tears your young children shed during the move, save their stuff for last. When you start filling your children’s boxes with toys and clothes, assure them that everything you put inside will come back out at the new house.

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