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Tips for Moving in Winter Weather

Moving into a new home is a great way to start a new year. Unlike other times of the year, winter brings weather that makes moving a little less enjoyable. Utilizing moving services such as movers and storage facilities can make this experience a little easier. Check out these other tips for moving in winter weather.

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Prepare Your Home’s Exterior
Whether you are moving yourself or plan to hire professionals, it is important to start by preparing the outside of your home. Ice and snow can be dangerous, leading to potential injuries and broken items. Create a safer space by removing snow and ice from your driveway as well as the surrounding sidewalk and street. This will reduce the risk of slipping while moving boxes from the house to the truck.

Dress Appropriately
It is always a good idea to layer up during the winter, but this is especially important when moving. Many people do not realize how cold they are while doing something physically straining such as transporting heavy boxes. Keep yourself safe and warm by wearing layers as well as a hat and gloves. Choose gloves that let you keep a good grip on your items while loading them.

Use Proper Moving Supplies
Nobody wants to damage their items due to faulty moving supplies. Using the right supplies will help you protect your items during the moving process. Cheap boxes can break during transport, but professional moving supplies provide the support and cushion needed to keep your items in great condition.

Take Breaks
Moving can take up a good part of the day. That is why it is important to take breaks throughout the process. Head inside to enjoy warmer temperature and rehydrate with water as well as warm beverages. This will keep you energized to ensure an efficient move.

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