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Self-Storage Tips for College Students

Whether you're living in a dorm or a shared apartment with friends this semester, there's a good chance that your living arrangements may be lacking one major amenity: plenty of floor space. If you're struggling to find room for many of your items, then you may want to consider placing some of them in a mini storage unit. Here are some self-storage tips for college students that you should consider:

Labelmaker 2

Get the Label Maker Ready
Labeling each and every box that you plan on loading into your storage facility is a great way to avoid unnecessary confusion and chaos once it comes time to unpack the storage room after school is out. Labeled boxes are also much easier to get to quickly should you require its contents. For example, once the weather changes in the city, you can simply stop into your storage facility and grab your warm clothes from their box.

Know Which Items Are Most Vulnerable
When preparing your items for storage, be sure to pay extra special attention to those that could become damaged easily, such as electronics, photos, paper documents, and discs or vinyl records. If possible, make sure that each of these items is placed inside of a sealed, waterproof (and bug-proof) container. Another great strategy for keeping them extra safe is to wrap them in industrial plastic wrap.

Choose the Right Unit Size
If you're concerned about costs when it comes to renting your storage unit, be sure to speak with the storage center about any specials they are running and ask for guidance in determining which unit is the right size for your needs. Renting one that is too big could leave you paying for more than is necessary, while renting one that is too small could leave you feeling crammed in your living space.

If you could use more tips for storing your items in a self storage unit this semester, call Chelsea Mini Storage today at (888) 549-4090. We offer a wide variety of storage unit sizes and can help you find the right one for your needs. Be sure to also inquire about our additional moving services when you call if you could use a helping hand transitioning into your new on- or off-campus housing.