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How to Keep Your Office Productive During a Business Move

Relocating an office is a complicated process that could hinder your usual workloads. If you are planning to move to a new workspace, use the following tips to keep your office productive until you are settled in the new location:

Fired businessman packing personal desk items in box

Communicate Freely with Your Staff
You should do what you can to keep your entire staff informed of your plans throughout the relocation. As soon as you know that you are moving, organize a meeting that clearly lists what your staff can expect from the upcoming weeks and months. You should also make it clear that anyone can come to you with questions at any time throughout the process.

Start Planning Early
The earlier you start planning your relocation the more successful it will be. Once you have established a moving schedule, you can start moving belongings that you do not need on a daily basis into a storage unit to free up some space for the move. Put every member of your staff in charge of their own belongings and hire a moving company as soon as possible to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Inform Your Clients of the Move
You cannot pick up where you left off if your customers do not know that you have moved. Make an effort to inform your clients about your plans to relocate and when you will be set up in the new office space. You might even want to throw a party at the new office so your clients are all aware of the transition.

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