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What You Should Know Before You Move

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When embarking on the adventure of moving to a new home, it’s easy to forget about the logistics until the last minute. To spare yourself from unnecessary stress and hassle, carefully think about everything your relocation entails, from packing to hiring experienced movers. Here’s what you need to know:

Planning a Move Can Take Months
If you have the luxury of organizing your move well in advance, take advantage of every minute. It’s never too early to start collecting boxes, but where to find them? If you live near a college town, visit apartments close to campus—many complexes have recycled box networks. You can also purchase new boxes and other moving supplies from shipping and storage companies. Once you have boxes, start packing! Nonessential and seldom-used items can be packed right away, like seasonal clothes and decorations. During this time, you may want to create an inventory of your home, which can be used for insurance purposes if any property is damaged in transit.

Not All Movers Offer the Same Services
Whether your move will be local or long-distance, the help of professional movers is essential. The moving company you choose, and its workers, should be licensed, bonded, and insured. Also take the time to review and understand your contract with the moving company. Will you be charged by the hour, by overall weight, or by the item? What’s your mover’s timeframe and expected delivery date? Will the movers pack certain items for you? Is the estimate binding? There is no one right answer to these questions, so be informed about your options.

It’s Important to Purge as You Pack
As you start boxing up items, you’ll see you have a lot of unwanted stuff. Don’t be afraid to get rid of these items—you’ll have less to move and you can help out others. You can donate clothes and appliances that are in good condition to a charity thrift store. Even nonperishable food can be given to a local shelter or food drive. If you need extra spending money, organize a yard sale or sell some items online.

With a little preparation, you will be ready to get a move on! For the best moving services and supplies, call Chelsea Mini Storage in Manhattan at (888) 549-4090. Our partners at Moves LLC are proud to offer affordable, efficient solutions to your local, national, and international relocation needs.