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How Renting a Storage Unit Can Help You Reduce Clutter in Your Home

What to wear?

Everyone has them: beloved items that are seldom used but that positively can’t be discarded. If your home is overrun with clutter but you can’t bear to part with a single thing, self-storage is the ideal solution. With over 200 different room sizes and rates starting at only $52/month, Chelsea Mini Storage gives you affordable personal storage space so you can easily de-clutter your home.

Store Seasonal Items
When the winter holidays arrive, you want to be ready to festoon your home with tinsel, lights, and decorations—but do you really want these items taking up space in your home for the other 11 months a year? Instead of cramming seasonal stuff in the closet or garage, rent a storage unit. You can also store winter jackets and boots, skis, pool toys, tents and camping gear, and countless other items that are only used for a short time each year.

Keep Keepsakes
How often do you really dust off your old letterman jacket or grandma’s fine china? Of course, you would never dream of ditching these mementos, but have you considered the benefits of storing them out of the way? With self-storage, your sentimental items can be safely stored yet you will still have easy access to them, so you’ll be ready when a high school reunion or Thanksgiving rolls around.

Temporarily Set Aside Important Items
According to the Self Storage Association, one-tenth of American households rent storage units, and for good reason! Storage units are excellent for transitional periods in anyone’s life. If you’re moving into a smaller space but don’t want to downsize your belongings, self-storage is the answer. Or, if your kids are moving home after college or between semesters, you can keep their stuff in storage while they search for a more permanent place to stay.

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