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Tips for Keeping Your Household a Clutter-Free Zone

Junk in the shed

Are your closets spilling open with clothing? Is it a struggle to close your cabinets full of kitchenware? If your belongings are taking over your house, take action now to make it a clutter-free zone. By implementing these tips, you can once again gain control of your dressers, cupboards, and drawers.

Get Rid of Outdated Attire
If that polyester pantsuit has been hanging in your closet ever since Carter left office, it might be time to part with this wardrobe relic. Should you still have the onesies that clothed your child who is now in college, you can probably part with them. Whether you have outfits that no longer fit your body or this decade, you can free up a considerable amount of space by donating these items to charity. 

Shred Unnecessary Paperwork
Certain documents, including your car title and house deed, should remain safely stored in an at-home storage container or bank deposit box. The rest you may be able to do without. Holding onto old paperwork can quickly fill up your desk drawers and filing cabinets. If you need a particular document, consider whether having a digital copy is adequate for your needs. Scanning and then throwing away the original can result in a cleaner house and better record-keeping practices.

Purge Expired Toiletries, Cleaners, and Perishables
At least once a season, take an hour to scour your medicine cabinets, refrigerator, and broom closets. Most makeup items, household cleaning products, and refrigerated foods have expiration dates that should not be ignored. If you have a tube of mascara or bottle of salad dressing that expired even a week ago, toss it into the trash or recycle the packaging.

Keep Sentimental Items in Storage
Your grandmother’s rocking chair may be taking up valuable space in your den, but that doesn’t mean you have to throw it away. If you have possessions with special meaning that also happen to be big or bulky, put them in a storage facility. Temperature-controlled and highly secure, a mini storage room can keep your sentimental items safe and streamline the look of your home.

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