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Common Moving Day Mistakes

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Moving can be a demanding enterprise even under the best of circumstances, which is why preparation is essential to ease the stress of moving day. Not having your movers hired or boxes packed prior to your move can result in confusion and gratuitous work for everyone involved. When picking a moving company, vet your options. Have in writing a detailed account of what your moving expenses will entail and what circumstances may result in additional fees. Though you are free to pack up your belongings, you might want to use professionals for expensive and fragile items. Many people consider the hassles of moving from their current home, but fewer may think about issues that can arise at their next house. Putting aside a few boxes with first night essentials, such as toiletries, blankets, and fresh clothing, can help ease the transition to a new abode.

Chelsea Mini Storage in Manhattan can alleviate the strain of moving with our affordable self-storage options. Keep your non-essential possessions at our storage center, and your moving day is bound to go more smoothly. For more information on our mini storage services, call (888) 549-4090.