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Tips for Preparing for an International Move


Perhaps a new job is taking you to Germany. Maybe a new relationship is bringing you to Brazil. Whatever the destination, if an international move is in your future, it’s never too early to begin your preparations for it. While an exciting event, it is also one that requires some forethought and organization. So before you get that new passport stamp, keep in mind these moving tips:

Compare Shipping and Purchasing Costs
Attempting to ship all your worldly possessions can prove a costly endeavor. Depending on the company you use, you may be spending thousands of dollars to move your books, clothing, and furniture. In addition, if you do not have immediate access to your new home, you may be left with nowhere to put your boxes for days or even weeks. To avoid unnecessary expense, assess whether you could save money by purchasing the same items once you arrive in your newly adopted country.

Keep a Record of All Shipped Items
When moving boxes across countries and oceans, the occasional mishap may occur. That is why you should always keep a detailed record of all boxes you decide to ship. Only by knowing exactly what is missing can you attempt to recover it or request reimbursement for your loss.

Put Non-Essential Possessions in Storage
If a job relocation is taking you to another country for only a few years, you may not want to donate or sell your belongings. When you rent a storage unit, you don’t have to part with your possessions. With temperature-control features and secure premises, storage facilities offer an ideal solution for your temporary storage needs. You can rest assured that your items will be in a safe space until your eventual return.

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