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How to Pack Boxes Like a Pro

African American Family Unpacking Boxes Moving House

Packing is very much a strategic activity, as how you fill your boxes now will largely determine how easy it is to empty them after your move. Once you have moved into storage all the items that will not be traveling with you to your new home, it’s time to concentrate on how best to organize your possessions. The following suggestions can help you to pack your home with the greatest efficiency and simplicity:

Pack One Room at a Time
When you begin the packing process, make sure that the boxes you bring into one room do not eventually end up in another area of your home. While you may find that different objects from different rooms can fit together easily in a single box, it can take a significant amount of time to find those items around your house. In addition, once you arrive at your new abode, it will take additional time to put those same objects in different places throughout it.

Mark Each Box with Its Final Destination
Another easy way to save time during the moving process is to write on your boxes. This handy tip can prevent having to move your boxes multiple times throughout your new house if they didn’t end up in the right room upon the first try. Marking each box with its new location can also help when you employ professional movers. Instead of having to move your boxes into their intended rooms, your movers will be able to do it for you

Consider the Weight of Your Packed Items
You might assume that putting all of your books into the box that once held your refrigerator is a good idea, but unless you have a dolly with which to transport that box, it may prove far too heavy to move. Boxes of excessive weight can also pose a safety risk to the person carrying it. Though movers have experience in dealing with heavy objects, your move is bound to go more smoothly when you suit your box size to the weight of the items in it.

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