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Tips for Organizing Your New Storage Unit

Moving Box and Supplies

Have you recently rented a self-storage or mini storage unit? Whether you have enough space for a three-bedroom home or rented a smaller unit to store files and office furniture, it’s important to maintain easy access to your storage unit so you can retrieve individual items when necessary. Review these tips to keep your new storage unit organized.

Plan Ahead
If you are moving valuable items into storage while you relocate, following just a few easy guidelines can help you make sure your priceless items are protected during the move. To avoid having fragile items become displaced on the way to your storage facility, fill any empty space with packing paper, towels, or clothing. Be sure to make a game plan ahead of time for how you want your boxes to fit into your new storage unit so your movers know where to go.

Store Wisely
To make sure your boxes are arranged in the proper places—and for easy access later—label each box with a clear description of its contents. If you are storing sensitive documents, consider using color-coded tape to denote personal or work materials. You may also want to consider wrapping your items in industrial plastic wrap so they don’t collect dust. If you don’t invest in a temperature-controlled unit, be sure to remove anything that could be damaged by extreme heat or cold.

Stack Boxes
Make the most of your storage unit by stacking boxes whenever possible. Start by placing boxes containing the heaviest items on the bottom and then work your way up until the lightest boxes are on top. Remember not to stack too high—you don’t want your valuables to topple over!

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