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Signs Your Business Has Outgrown Its Current Space

Young Couple Moving into a New Home

In order to facilitate productivity in the workplace, your employees need to have plenty of space in which to be creative and remain active throughout the day. If your current commercial space feels like it’s closing in around you and your professional team, then its time to start looking at new properties and find a storage facility to house your equipment during the transition. Here are a few clear signs that your business has outgrown its current space:

The Neighborhood Café Is Your Weekly Boardroom

If you and your staff can no longer fit comfortably inside one room in your commercial property, then you need to consider moving to a roomier, more accommodating space. While it may be enjoyable to hold business meetings at a local café on occasion, doing so regularly is inconvenient, expensive, and offers little privacy.

Your Business Displays Are Crowded and Ineffective

Another sign that it’s time to move into a larger commercial space is a lack of floor space for merchandising or business displays. While transitioning from a crowded retail space into a larger one, be sure to safely store valuable items temporarily in a mini storage unit. The storage facility can assist you in buying garment boxes or packing boxes to transport your inventory.

You Lack a Sense of Privacy
In order to make important decisions, it’s crucial for a boss or manager to have privacy inside of the workplace. If you and your business partners are no longer able to have a private conversation without eavesdropping concerns, then start searching for a new space with more square footage and a floor plan that suits your needs.

No matter what the reason is for your move, you can rely on Chelsea Mini Storage to assist you in the relocation process. We offer storage units of all sizes that can comfortably fit your merchandise, office equipment, and furniture. To learn more about storing your items with us, call us today at (888) 549-4090.