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Examining The Surprising Cost of Living With Clutter

Sometimes it is hard to acknowledge certain items as clutter, despite the dust that they collect each day. However, storing unnecessary items and accepting the clutter can come with a vast array of consequences. Here are some of the surprising costs in which clutter manifests itself.

Chaos in the Stationery Drawer

Emotional Price

Clutter describes the extraneous objects that have long gone unused but still exist in your home. Not only did you once pay money in order to receive these items, but you may also be paying an emotional price every time you look at them. Keeping a lost family member’s wardrobe or excessive mementos from a past relationship can bring about negative feelings on a day-to-day basis, taking frequent emotional tolls.

Cost of Unused Space
Another way that clutter silently costs you is by taking up space. If you consider the approximate value of your home and divide it by the total number of square feet, you can find out how much money each square foot is worth. You can then walk around your house and see how much space in your house is being used as storage due to clutter, as well as the direct financial implications.

Long-Term Payments
Many people use credit cards in today’s society, which means people are constantly storing items that they have not fully paid off. If you have rooms full of belongings that you have not fully paid off, that means each time you make a credit card payment, your clutter is costing you. Selling these items can help you recuperate some of the cost, and you can use the money you save to rent an inexpensive storage unit for your more important and less costly items.

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