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Tips for Keeping Your Storage Unit Neat and Organized

It can be frustrating to move your belongings into a storage unit, only to find that you don’t quite have enough room. Organizing a self-storage unit can help you get the most out of the space. When you start to load your unit, think about how to create some order inside so it is always easy to find what you need whenever you need it. This guide can help you keep a tidy storage unit and optimize your space:

Caucasian woman moving to new apartment with boxes

Purge Before You Store
There is no reason to store items that you will never use again. Before you gather your belongings to put into the unit, go through them and throw away what you do not need. If you have items that you have not used in years, don’t put them into the storage unit. Lightening the load can help you make the most of the space and avoid overcrowding.

Create Organized Areas
Instead of throwing everything haphazardly into the unit, take the time to create distinctive areas that are easy to differentiate. If you are packing up a home, place the kitchen items together, the bedroom items in another space, and the home office boxes in a third area. You should also label all boxes to ensure you can always find what you need.

Leave Clear Walkways
When packing your boxes into the storage unit, take the time to leave clear walkways so it is safe and convenient to search for your belongings. When your unit is organized and easy to access, you can get in and out of it as much as you need to.

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