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Essential Supplies to Help You Move

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Whether you're moving out of a one-bedroom apartment or a three-story commercial property, relocating to a new space can be both physically and mentally exhausting. In order to make the process of transporting your items to a storage center or a new property easier, be sure to have supplies on hand that will support you during the move. Here is a look at some essential supplies to acquire before you move:

A Variety of Box Styles
When selecting boxes, be sure to pick appropriate styles for your particular needs. There are a number of different types of boxes, including legal file boxes, book boxes, picture boxes, and china boxes. Since each of these boxes was carefully designed to accommodate a certain type of item, you should buy them accordingly. Never use produce boxes or other types of free storage boxes, as they often lack the strength necessary for certain items.

Unprinted Paper and Bubble Wrap
Instead of relying on old newspapers to keep your dishes and breakables safe during a move, invest in unprinted paper from your storage facility and moving supply company. Any type of paper with a print on it can leave behind permanent ink stains that tarnish the appearance of your items. You might also purchase bubble wrap to protect breakable items from breaking during the move.

Tape and Blankets
Once your boxes are carefully packed, you should tape them up using strapping or packing tape. This tape can typically be purchased from a moving supplies center, and should never be substituted for lower-grade tape that may cause the boxes to open during transit. To keep large items from banging around in a moving van, be sure to wrap them in blankets before strategically packing them among your taped-up boxes.

You can find all of your essential moving supplies here at Chelsea Mini Storage. Our helpful professionals can assist you in selecting the right style and number of boxes for your move. To learn more about our moving and storage services, call (888) 549-4090.