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Tips for Evaluating a Self-Storage Facility

Storage Unit: Unlocking the Lock

Renting a storage space is much like choosing a home or car—you want to make sure it fits your individual needs. Though a storage center may offer a range of storage options, you should be sure to consider your needs before signing a contract. By examining which type of self-storage facility is best for you, you can save expense, time, and aggravation in the future.

Determine Size Requirements
Figuring out the dimensions of your ideal storage unit is important for several reasons. First, the larger the unit is, the greater the rental fee. Second, you don’t want to rent a small unit only to find out that your possessions won’t fit into it. If you plan to use your unit for an extended period of time, you may acquire additional items that will also need to be placed in storage. To make sure that you get a unit that accommodates your needs, gauge the total volume of your belongings and add a few more feet for future acquisitions.

Inquire About Security Features
If your watchful eye cannot be on your belongings at all times, you want to make sure that someone else is guarding them. When viewing potential storage facilities, ask about their security features. Those that value their customers’ business should have motion detectors, security guards, controlled entry onto the premises, and other security measures in place.

Calculate Duration of Rental
If you only need your storage unit for a short period of time, you probably won’t make multiple trips to access your belongings. The longer you require self-storage, the more likely you are to retrieve items from time to time. If you plan on revisiting your storage unit often, you should leave enough room to navigate and move around boxes. For greater utility, you may consider renting a larger unit with more room for customization.

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