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Your Items Are Safe with Us

When you place your belongings into self-storage, you’ll know that they’re completely safe. On top of full-service storage units, Chelsea Mini Storage offers top-notch security to keep your belongings out of the wrong hands. Here’s a brief look at the security features at Chelsea Mini Storage and how they keep everything inside your unit intact.

Surveillance cameras

Electronic Security
The combination of motion detectors, closed-circuit television, video surveillance, and listening devices allows us to completely monitor our property. We can see and hear everything happening at every part of our facility, day and night. This gives us the power to immediately spot intruders and react effectively.

Security Guards
Though technology is great, nothing beats a human presence. On top of electronic security, we hire security guards to walk around our property all hours of the day. These guards frequently check around the elevators and storage units in order to make sure nothing goes wrong. We also have managers on site to immediately handle any issues that may arise.

Extensive Lighting
Chelsea Mini Storage is always well lit. Since would-be thieves usually prefer the cover of darkness, our lighting dissuades unwanted guests from trespassing. Each building is alarmed and fitted with sprinklers that keep our units safe from fire. When you rent a unit, you get your own lock and key, and are the only one who can enter. Whenever you return for your belongings, you’ll find them in the same position and condition as when you left them.

Chelsea Mini Storage is the largest self-storage facility in the country. We’re proud to provide our clients with a range of unit sizes and extraordinary customer service. Whenever you’re ready to store your belongings, we have a unit waiting for you. For more information about our facility or services, please visit us online or call (888) 549-4090.