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Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Take Back Your Garage Space

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The time has finally come to stop climbing over boxes and miscellaneous items each time you enter your garage. Start making some sense of your storage so you can once again park your car in the garage. Keep reading to see why now is such a prime time to start cleaning out your space:

  • Great Deals at the Storage Center
    With summer on the horizon, your local storage facility is starting to offer some impressive discounts to help with your self-storage. Chelsea Mini Storage is offering a summer special in which you can get 25 perfect off of any size storage unit for 12 months. You could also opt for the moving special to get two and a half hours of free moving for a unit of any size. With deals like these, you finally have some incentive to start cleaning out your garage.
  • Nicer Weather
    As winter makes its final goodbyes, take advantage of some quality time outside. Set aside a few hours in which you can sort through your garage and decide what you want to put into storage and what can finally be thrown away. The warmer temperatures let you do your sorting without wearing layers of winter clothes.
  • Protect Your Vehicle
    Finding street parking can be difficult enough, but it also leaves your vehicle vulnerable to the weather and the potential for crime. Clean out your garage so you can safely store your car inside. The storage facility gives you the perfect place in which to store your extra belongings.

Come to Chelsea Mini Storage today and start to take advantage of our amazing specials. We have units in more than 100 different sizes and an on-site concierge so we can meet all of your storage needs. For more information on our services, please visit us online or call (888) 549-4090.