Chelsea Mini-Storage can solve your storage problems with the largest variety of modern steel constructed rooms. Many sizes available now.
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Is the Size of Your Collection Becoming Unmanageable? Keep It Safe and Secure with Chelsea Mini Storage

Garage Storage

Whether you collect coins or art, you will eventually reach a point at which your collection starts to overpower your storage space. A storage facility like Chelsea Mini Storage gives you the extra space you need to continue to expand your already impressive collection. Keep reading to see how a storage center will help you reach your collecting dreams:

  • Units in Over 100 Sizes

Whether you need an extra closet or more than 2,000 cubic feet, you can choose a unit that meets the needs of your collection. With so many choices, it will be easy to find self-storage that can easily fit everything. Consider renting a storage unit that is slightly larger than you think you need so your collection still has room to grow.

  • High-Quality Security

Our storage facility is perfect for even your most valuable collections. With a central alarm system, motion detectors, and constant video recording, someone is always watching your unit. The property also has security guards, managers, and detailed entry and exit logs to keep track of everyone who comes and goes. You will have your own key to your unit and can feel confident that your belongings will be there whenever you return.

  • Competitive Prices

Since Chelsea Mini Storage is one of the biggest storage facilities in the entire country, we are able to offer truly competitive prices. Our 1,000,000 square feet of storage space helps us keep consistently low costs for our clients. You will not find another storage center in Manhattan that gives you such a big and secure facility at these prices.

Chelsea Mini Storage is here to help you safely store your collection so you can continue to collect. With plenty of storage space and the best security in the area, we give you the services you deserve. Visit us online or call (888) 549-4090 to get your storage process started.