Chelsea Mini-Storage can solve your storage problems with the largest variety of modern steel constructed rooms. Many sizes available now.
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Garage Clutter

This year, let Chelsea Mini Storage help you with your spring cleaning. You’ll receive 35% off 12 months of storage when you call during the current storage promotion. You’ll also receive two hours of free moving services. For more on the storage options Chelsea Mini Storage provides, see below.

  • 72 Cubic Feet of Storage

If those last few boxes from your move can’t quite find a place in your home, then consider moving them to Chelsea Mini Storage. The smallest storage option available includes 72 cubic feet of space, which is about the size of a convenience store refrigerator unit. This amount of storage might also suffice if you’re looking for a place to store holiday decorations, files, and tools. For just $66 per month, you could finally clear out the remaining clutter in your garage.

  • 280 Cubic Feet of Storage

If you have more than a few boxes and holiday decorations calling your garage home, then you may benefit from 280 cubic feet of storage. This amounts to the under-floor storage capacity of a mid-size tour bus. You can easily store dozens of boxes, a few road bikes, spare parts to the HVAC system, small furniture items, and more. This amount of storage will cost you less than $200 each month—contact Chelsea Mini Storage today so that you can finally fit your car in the garage.

  • 800 Cubic Feet of Storage

If you live in an older home, 800 cubic feet might be more space than you have in an entire room. For just over $400 a month, you could have enough space to store your old mattress, couch, bunk bed set, appliances, and that old motorcycle. It provides plenty of room for file storage, and even room for a small car. With all of this space, you can reclaim more space in your garage, living room, and closet.

At Chelsea Mini Storage, we can offer up to 1600 cubic feet of storage space, so call us at (888) 549-4090 to take advantage of our current storage promotion. For more information, visit our website today.