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How to Choose Which Moving Supplies Package is Right for Your Move

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No two moves are the same, so you may now find that you need certain moving supplies that you’ve never needed before. You may also find throughout your move that you’ve been using the wrong supplies all along. Here are some helpful tips on how to choose the best supplies for your move and how to use them properly to ensure your items ship securely.

  • Cardboard Boxes

You’ll obviously need boxes for your move, but which boxes are best. In reality, most people don’t stop to question this. Instead, they assume one box fits all. However, this can lead to broken and otherwise damaged valuables. The best way to find the right boxes for your move is to consult a professional moving company that supplies boxes. They’ll tell you if you need wardrobe boxes that contain a hanging bar or if you need china boxes for dishes. They’ll also let you know about lamp cartons, TV cartons, and more.

  • Packing Materials

Next, you’ll need the right packing materials to keep your boxed items safe. You’ll want to purchase professional, moving-grade box tape and heavy-duty packing paper. You may even want some bubble wrap and furniture covers, especially if you’re moving long distance or plan to put your belongings in storage. You want your belongings to arrive in perfect condition, so be sure to wrap everything tightly and double-tape boxes for added security.

  • Labeling Materials

Lastly, you’ll probably need markers or labels that help you quickly identify each box. This will make unpacking and settling in efficient and easy. Consider creating a color system for your movers so they can keep your boxes organized. Also, when labeling, be sure to place a label on each side of the box so you can easily recognize where the box belongs and what’s inside each box from any angle.

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