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3 Tips for Choosing What to Put into Storage

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Most people don’t realize they have crammed too much into their home, but if you know you need storage space, then you’ll need to decide which items should be stowed away. In the article below, you’ll find helpful advice on how to make this decision based on your circumstance.

  • Determine What You Need

When choosing what items you want to put into storage, determine what you need. If you just moved into your new home, then you may need dishes, linens, furniture, clothes, and other accessories. But if you have left over items that are taking up space, then consider storing those items until you have created a space for them. This might be necessary if you have multiple bikes, a large collection of books without a library space, or too many dishes to fit inside your small New York apartment’s kitchen.  

  • Look for Items You Can Donate

Everyone has items they need to store, whether its holiday decorations or photos, but before you start over filling your storage space, look through your items and pull out what you can donate. There is no sense in storing items you don’t need or no longer want. If you’re preparing for a move, then donate these extra items first to make packing and moving cheaper and easier.

  • Choose Items for Staging or Decorating

If you’re trying to sell your home, then you will most likely need storage solutions. When selling a home, you want potential buyers to see the home rather than all of your belongings, so you’ll need to remove and store your items. Therefore, stage a home by storing everything but the essentials, including your children’s extra toys, unused dishes, oversized furniture, artwork, and other belongings that are cluttering your home.

If you need storage support for any reason, then call Chelsea Mini Storage. We can provide the storage solutions you need, and help you move you non-stored items to your new home. Our storage containers range in size and can stand up to any New York weather conditions, so call us at (888) 549-4090 today.