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Tips to Help Organize and Personalize Your Store Unit

Make the most out of your storage unit by organizing it according to your needs. When you take the time to create order, your self-storage unit becomes even more functional. 

Storage Unit: Closing the Door

These tips give you the help you need to perfectly organize and personalize your storage unit:

Determine the Best Way to Stack Boxes
If you want to be able to still use the items that you place into storage, you have to stack the boxes so they are easy to get into. Shorter people, for example, should not make tall stacks of boxes. Trying to dig something out of the top box is too difficult and can be dangerous. Stack the boxes so it is convenient for you to get back into them.

Think About Your Needs
There will be certain items that you need to reach more frequently than others. Try to place the boxes that you need the most toward the front of the storage unit. Save the boxes that you hardly ever use for the back. Not having to climb over piles of boxes to get what you need decreases the time you have to spend at the storage facility and keeps both you and your property safe.

Be Smart About Packing
Before placing any boxes into the unit, make sure they are packed well. Put heavier items in smaller boxes and leave the large boxes for lighter items. When stacking, do not put heavy boxes on top of lighter ones, especially if the contents of either box are fragile. Remember to leave pathways for yourself in between stacked boxes so it is easy to move inside the unit.

Chelsea Mini Storage makes it easy to store anything from a few boxes of extra clothing to the contents of an entire apartment. As the storage center with the largest variety of units in the country, we can easily meet all of your storage needs. Visit us online or call (888) 549-4090 to learn more about our services.