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Is Space Running Out in Your Current Storage Unit? Time to Upgrade!

When you store in the largest storage facility in the country, you can always have the exact amount of space that you need. Even if you start to run out of space, you can upgrade to a different storage unit. Keep reading to learn how to properly manage your storage needs:

Storage warehouse holding the contents of a house

  • What to Do When Space Gets Tight
    After you see the ease and convenience of utilizing self-storage, it is easy to take advantage of the extra space. Whether you are moving, cleaning out your closet, or just looking to clear up some space at home, your storage unit is a great asset. You want to keep clear pathways inside the unit, though, so you can get to your belongings. When space starts to become cramped inside, it is time to start thinking about an upgrade.
  • How to Take the Next Step
    When you make the decision that you need more storage space, you should think about whether you want to get another unit or move to a larger one. With unit sizes ranging from 3 x3 x 8 all the way up to 25 x 40 x 8, you can always get the storage space you need. When upgrading, it is a good idea to overestimate with the size so you do not have an issue of outgrowing your unit again.
  • How to Stay Organized
    Once you have decided on your new storage situation, be sure to organize your items so you can still find everything easily. Always leave walkways between belongings so you can safely walk through the unit. You should also make an effort to place the items that you will need more often toward the front of the unit. Taking the time to organize your items will help you make the most of self-storage.

Chelsea Mini Storage is here to help you get more organized in your daily life. With our massive storage facility, you can always find the exact unit you need. To learn more, visit us online or call (888) 549-4090.